Do you know the benefits of SBIRT Screenings for Substance Use Disorders?

  1. Screening: The use of validated procedures to quickly assess patient substance use risk.
  2. Brief Intervention: A 5-15-minute discussion aiming to increase patient understanding of risks and build towards behavior change.
  3. Referral to Treatment: Linking appropriate patients to the appropriate level of substance use treatment care needed.

Integrating Behavioral Health with Physical Health to Provide Better Outcomes for our Members:

  • Reduced Healthcare costs
  • Decrease in percentage of patients who go without substance use treatment
  • Decrease in criminal activity
  • Improvements in employment and housing
  • Improvements in mental health
  • **One multi-site study found a ~70% decrease in drug use and ~40% decrease in heavy alcohol use six months following a brief intervention and/or referral to treatment encounter

Providers interested in accessing the Highmark Wholecare SBIRT Billing  Guide for more  information  please  visit  SBIRT_BillingGuide.pdf (highmarkprc.com) or contact Shannen Lauffer at   Slauffer@HighmarkWholecare.com.


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