New Authorization Requirements for Cardiology

Highmark Wholecare utilizes HealthHelp to provide collaborative authorization programs for Medicaid and Medicare members that improve quality and reduce the cost of care by providing expert peer consultation and the latest evidence-based medical criteria for Cardiology procedures. This new requirement is designed to improve health care, patient safety, utilization, and cost through the application of clinical criteria.

Effective 5/1/24, authorizations will be required for all members, regardless of age, for the following Cardiac procedures:

  • Peripheral Revascularization, Cardiac Devices, Ablation/EPS

This is a change from previously only requiring authorizations for members 18 years of age and older.

A list of procedure codes requiring authorization and the link to register for a training webinar can be found at www.healthhelp.com/HighmarkWholecare. The webinar will include a system demonstration with user experience insight on how to appropriately enter procedure requests, along with additional program information such as the Highmark Wholecare procedure code list, support tools and HealthHelp contact information.

The HealthHelp authorization process for this program will involve collecting relevant clinical information from the ordering/treating physician’s office, reviewing this information alongside current evidence-based guidelines, and if necessary, providing physician-to-physician consultation on treatment and/or test appropriateness and patient safety. If the requested service does not meet evidence-based guidelines, a HealthHelp specialist will have a provider-to-provider conversation with the requesting physician to consider alternatives.

We encourage new users to set up a HealthHelp login now at www.healthhelp.com/HighmarkWholecare, so you can start requesting authorizations May 1.

How to request and obtain an authorization

Step 1: Requesting Authorization

The most efficient method for obtaining an authorization number is through the web. Please contact HealthHelp program support at 1-800-546-7092 if you need assistance with setting up web access.

Ordering providers can request an authorization using one of the following methods:

Step 2: Receiving Authorization

  • Web: If the ordering provider chooses to submit the request through the web, authorization will be available online to print.
  • Phone: If an ordering provider chooses to submit their request via phone, a HealthHelp client service representative will provide a verbal authorization for an approved request. A faxed confirmation will also be faxed to the ordering provider’s office.
  • Fax: If the ordering provider chooses to submit the expedited request via fax, a faxed copy of the authorization will be sent to the fax number provided on the request submission form.

HealthHelp representatives are available Monday–Friday, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. After-hour requests may be submitted by fax or via web portal.

For a medically necessary request that requires immediate handling due to an unforeseen illness, injury or condition affecting the patient, a phone call to 888-265-0072 is the fastest way to process that urgent request. If you choose to fax the request, please ensure that legible contact information is included for the ordering provider/designee. It should also state how the provider may be reached within the next 24 hours, in case additional clinical information is needed to complete the review.

All urgent requests will be handled within the appropriate state-specific or federal program−mandated expedited time frames. HealthHelp strives to complete all expedited requests for review within 24 hours of the request’s receipt, unless a more stringent time frame is mandated by specific state regulations.

For questions or information regarding general policy and procedures, contact a Highmark Wholecare provider representative at: Medicaid 1-800-392-1147, Medicare Assured 1-800-685-5209. Representatives are available 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday - Friday. TTY users call 711.

Health benefits or health benefit administration may be provided by or through Highmark Wholecare, coverage by Gateway Health Plan, an independent licensee of the Blue Cross blue Shield Association ("Highmark Wholecare").
HealthHelp is a separate company that offers education and guidance from specialists in sleep, cardiology, radiation oncology, musculoskeletal, diagnostic imaging, and physical medicine for Highmark Wholecare.


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