Highmark Wholecare Policy Updates

Highmark Wholecare regularly reviews and updates our policies and procedures. To help you know when policies have been amended, we post a Provider Notice to our website one month (30 days) prior to the effective date. You can find these Provider Notices on the first of each month at the following links:

Medicaid Provider Updates

Medicare Provider Updates


Policy Updates Effective June 1, 2024

As a reminder, we have updated or reviewed the following Medical Policies, with changes effective June 1. These updates were previously posted on the Highmark Wholecare provider website May 1, 2024.

Medicaid Policies:

  • MP-081-MD-PA Vitamin D Assay Testing – Changed policy title from “Vitamin D Deficiency Testing” to “Vitamin D Assay Testing”. Reformatted ‘Procedures’ section with new clinical criteria. Updated ‘Summary of Literature’ and ‘Reference Sources’ sections.


Medicare Policies:

  • MP-066-MC-PA Spinal Cord Stimulation (Dorsal Column Stimulation) (L35450) Policy to be retired. CMS LCD (L35450) and LCA (A57023) were Retired as of 07/13/2023. 


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