In December 2016, the 21st Century Cures Act was enacted into law by the 114th United States Congress. Section 212006 of the Cures Act requires all states to implement the use of Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) for Medicaid-funded personal care and home health services that require an in-home and community visit. EVV is a technology solution that electronically verifies the utilization and delivery of care services.

On January 1, 2021, Highmark Wholecare (formerly Gateway Health) implemented Netsmart EVV to electronically verify the utilization and delivery of care services for its Medicaid members.

How does Netsmart EVV work?

Netsmart EVV solution is an easy-to-use, web and mobile-based solution. It will provide you with a comprehensive set of tools to easily manage your visit schedules, care plans and claims processing. Using mobile technology, Netsmart captures the time and location that those services are delivered — ensuring your patients receive the medically necessary services and support they need. With EVV, you can easily schedule, monitor and verify visits as well as submit timely and accurate claims for processing.

Dear Provider Admin

Netsmart and Highmark Wholecare (formerly known as Gateway Health LLC) enhanced the Missed Visit Workflow. 

Below you will find the User Guide for the Missed Visits enhancement for reference. This functionality was enabled August 17, 2022. Utilizing the Missed Visit reason will be required for all visits missed on or after October 31, 2022.
As a reminder, your agency’s Caregivers now have the ability to select a missed visit reason and a missed visit action taken within the mobile application. Caregivers will have the ability to enter free text regarding the missed visit. If the Caregiver does not select this information, then the Provider Admin will be required to update the missed visit status.
If you are using a third party vendor, you need to reach out to your vendor to ensure they are aware of the changes if you have not already done so. Netsmart communicated the technical specs to any current integrated vendor with Netsmart for Highmark Wholecare.

Click here to view the Missed Visits Recording.
Click here to view the Provider Portal User Guide for Missed Visits.
Click here to view the Mobile App User Guide for Missed Visits.

Thank you for your continued partnership and attention to this matter,
The Netsmart Team

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